Jessica. What can I say.

This woman is gentle and powerful. She is so kind and oozes tenderness to everyone around her.

She is true feminine essence in every word.

The way she moves and carries herself it is so yummy to watch.

We drove together to Caves Beach on the South Coast as we talked about life, lovers, our bodies, womanhood, motherhood, the good and allllllll the bads. We connected our sister hearts and I knew once we got down the the beach we would explode with creativity.

Jessica totally slipped into herself. She moved and swayed, rolled, stretched and played. She was in her element. Raw in nature just as we should be.

Stripping away any shame or insecurities about herself and simply shining through her beautiful vessel. This woman is someone I could photograph over and over again. She is ever changing, ebbing and flowing like the tide. Pulls you in, tousles you around playfully and then simply guides you back to the earth completely in awe of your time and experience with her. Grateful that you were in her presence. Grateful for her heart.

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