Sarah Brady - South Coast Boudoir Photographer

Hey hey, sexy bitches! Sarah Brady here, Boudoir Photographer, Lovers Boudoir Photographer and ultimate hype girl based on the South Coast of New South Wales.

Being a boudoir photographer on the South Coast is literally the best job in the world. Welcoming gorgeous women and couples into my Nowra based studio is the shit I live for.
My boudoir photography studio allows us to have an intimate space for our journey together during your Boudoir session. Crank that music, pour that champas, take those clothes off and lets get sexy!!

Just 2.5hrs from Sydney and 3hrs from Canberra, my Nowra based studio is the perfect get away destination to strip yourself of your busy life and get down to spending some time with yourself indulging in some self-love through a boudoir session.

A place where you can come alone or with your lover to dive into a whole new world.

A moment in time spoiling yourself and appreciating the gift you are giving yourself.

Boudoir is the ultimate life changing activity.

It will turn you on for life and reignite that saucy-ness.

No matter who you are, how you feel or what you think about yourself, you deserve this.

Trust me, you will totally surprise yourself and be so thankful you listened to that little voice that said, “do it you sexy bitch!”

A little shy? Not sure what to expect? Have some insecurities or doubts?

I get you girl, we all do BUT trust me, as the South Coasts leading boudoir photographer I GOT YOU!

Go take a sneaky peek at some of the below sessions to get a feel for what we can create together

Want to keep stalking? 
 to see way more sexiness!

Being part of such an intimate time together we will laugh, maybe cry, chat lots and just totally vibe out together. Boudoir photography is way more than just getting your kit off, its about lifting yourself up and celebrating your sexy af self.

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a womans bedroom or small private room

Your private room awaits. Your boudoir is whatever your heart desires. Give in to your sexy, powerful urges. Come to me and lets unleash your temptress.

Need a little push?

Read what other women have said about their boudoir sessions*

*grab a tissue first

“ I would 100% recommend couples to do this.
Such a fun, playful bonding experience. You’re the ultimate hype girl. And made us feel so comfortable”
“Woman, I am in tears! You have captured me in a way I didn’t think was actually possible.
I have never felt so beautiful and so proud of my body as I do right now. When you asked me what I wanted out of our shoot and I said I wanted to be captured as though I was a piece of art, I knew you would. But you have surpassed my expectation in a way I cant even express. I don’t know what else to say, but thank you. It means more than you will know”
I love them so much. You are so freaking amazing!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!”
“Honestly, thank you so much for doing everything today. You truly made the whole experience a fucking fantastic vibe. You are a fucking blessing to the world. You bring such a fucking tremendous energy to the world and it is so fucking delightful”

So ready to take the plunge?

Ready to get down with this
South Coast Boudoir Photographer yet?

Ill be with you from the moment you first contact me.

We will work together to get through the creative and emotional process so your boudoir session truly reflects you and your desires.

Your boudoir session will be just what YOU need!

The Process

Being the leading boudoir photographer on the South Coast, I created my own way of doing things and allowing the creative process to lead your boudoir session to get exactly what you are after.

Your fully customised boudoir session is just $550!! Hair, makeup, endless champas, snacks and up to 2 hours of shooting, all for just $550!!

If that hasn’t sold you on your boudoir session just yet, keep reading for more juicy details:

Step 1.
You decide to spoil yourself and say “fuck it” and you click that CONTACT button.
Step 2.

I receive your email and proceed to squeal and do a little happy dance.

From here we chat a little bit to figure out what kind of session you’d like and how to achieve the best outcomes from your boudoir session.

Step 3.

Once we lock in a date your session fee is paid and we are ready to go!!!!

I will send you some info sheets about how to best prepare yourself for your session and what I will need from you moving forward.

Step 4.


I eagerly await your arrival. The snacks and champas are waiting for you to devour them, the music is soft and welcoming.

On your arrival a hug will be given and an excited scream of some sort will occur, from there we settle in.

You will be pampered by some delicious women with hair and makeup and as you get spoiled I will be preparing and talking you through the process.

Step 5.

We start shooting. Its weird at first. It always is.

BUT the music grows louder, it gets sexier, you relax more and I am on my game with the hyping.

Your boudoir photography session will last around 1-2 hours and will make you realise how fucking sexy you are and how much you love yourself.

At the end of the session, we wont want to leave each other but when you do eventually leave you will be riding such a fucking high, so go use that for the rest of the day…I have some more FUN work to do!!

Step 6.

I stare at my computer in awe of this gorgeous woman and want to scream at everyone to do a session like this.

Once I gather myself and make the final touches after a week or two we will book in your viewing session.

The Viewing and Ordering

At your viewing, which can take place in my Nowra studio or via Zoom for those who travelled, we eat more snacks (cause why not?!) and you sit back to gaze at what is before you.

We check out your dam fine boudoir session that makes you smile and cry. I hold your hand and tell you how fucking amazing you are and how proud I am of you for showing this side of you.

If you are of able mind in the moment we can go through the ordering process then and there or you can go home, breathe and choose at your own leisure.

For more information about my packages or to order yours, click here.
YESSS!!! Time to spoil yourself!

Head over to your gallery, take your time going through them all once, twice, heck as many times as you want.

Create your Favourites list -
In your gallery, find yourself that little heart icon and give it a tap. This will create a separate Favourites folder for you to see your choices clearly (your Favourites folder is located above your gallery images).

Selecting your Digitals and/or Print Packages -
Hearting = Buying. Be sure that your Favourites folder contains the images corresponding to your chosen package/s below.

If you are choosing one of my Print Packages be sure to allocate what image for each product by heading to your Favourites folder, hitting the little comment bubble and leaving me a note.

Albums -
Album design is way more in depth that most would think. I aim to provide a tantalising journey with the turn of every page. In saying this, choosing images that compliment and lead the visual story is paramount. To encourage a sexy flow, I limit your image selection in albums to 10 of your must have bangers. Then simply, leave the rest to me. I will incorporate your favourites while highlighting them with the use of other images from your session.
So go heart your must have’s and we can get the ball rollin’.

I am with you every step of the way, so if you need a little help, please do not hesitate to reach out. I cannot wait to see how you turn what we created into art!

South Coast Boudoir Photographer



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And that’s it! You get to celebrate what you did and how amazing it was. You have some amazing art to keep to yourself or show to anyone and everyone! You will forever hold this boudoir session close to your heart of a moment you truly chose something for yourself. You will walk around with your head a little higher knowing you stripped down and got saucy as heck while an emotional hyped woman snapped away at you.

Still not sure? Just reach out, lets talk it out 
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Sounding like a thing but the vibe is off?
Boudoir isn’t for everyone and this I where my Raw Sessions come in.

My Hearme; Raw sessions are aimed at the feminine energy we carry and the softness in our shells that we want to release. Most of these raw sessions are done in nature with less fluff and more materials and nudity. They are aimed at the natural vessel we walk around in, placed on a beach, in the water or a gorgeous bush setting. Truly being able to connect with our soul and dive into our hearts.
If this sounds more like what you are after then 
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There really is something for everybody!!
Ok my sexys, are you ready? Because I am!
Do it, you know you want to

    Ok my sexys, are you ready? Because I am!
    Do it, you know you want to