loz & dan

rosie & matt

What better way to celebrate your love than stripping back and taking it all in.

When Rosie & Matt came to the studio I could sense the excitement and the nervousness.

Taking the step to celebrate you as lovers is a huge deal but shouldn't be undermined or go unacknowledged. These two recognized the want to get deep and intimate with each other in a safe space to create some art, and boy did we!

I start all sessions I photograph slowly, we speak about our desires and hopes, how we want to walk away feeling and then we begin. The minute these two got close together and I started photographing them the sparks were on. Their comfortableness with each other, the respect, the trust was so special to witness. I think we all strive to be truly bare and raw for ourselves and our lover and these two certainly are genuine in all aspects of their connection. They have bound together their love and lust for each other and that is so fucking hot!